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  • 20/06/2022
    The celebration of "Līgo" should not be "dragged in", two days are enough for the celebration.

    Jānis Vanks, the director of the Safe Driving School:

    "The Midsummer Festival "Līgo" is fast approaching and there are four days off in a row this year. Given the celebration habits, I urge the public to be responsible and take the wheel only when all the consequences of the celebration have been overcome. Risks during the holidays are not only caused by drunk drivers, but also by intoxicated pedestrians or cyclists, as well as drivers who drink a little alcohol and are not forced to sit behind the wheel during the holidays. "

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  • 15/06/2022
    About a third of drivers sit behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

    Midsummer is approaching and, as every year, it is a time when active alcohol consumption and its incompatibility with driving are reminded. Nevertheless, 32% of drivers report that they tend to drive even if they have consumed alcohol - 25% indicate that they use alcohol up to the limit of 0.5 per cent, and 6% admit that they tend to drive more than once a few times a year. 0.5 per cent, but 1% say it does so several times a year, according to the Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index. Research shows that driving is the most common sin for men after drinking alcohol.

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  • 10/06/2022
    The most common mistakes made by parents on family trips.

    It's not as bad as before, but there is still something to learn, ”says Edmunds Ozolnieks, a representative of the Safe Driving School, in a conversation with the "Mammamuntetiem.lv" portal about the driving safety of children and families. To encourage families to improve their child transport habits, the expert talks about the most common mistakes made by adults when going on family trips.

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  • 26/05/2022
    Būtiskākais par motobraukšanas ekipējumu un drošību.

    Motobraucēju skaits ar katru gadu turpina pieaugt. Tie ir vieni no neaizsargātākajiem satiksmes dalībniekiem, tāpēc katram motobraucējam ir nozīmīgi padomāt par visām niansēm - sākot ar ceļu satiksmes zināšanām, psiholoģisko sagatavotību, motocikla tehnisko stāvokli līdz pat apģērbam, ķiverei un apdrošināšanai, lai braucienu padarītu pēc iespējas drošāku.

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