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  • 05/12/2022
    Where does aggressive driving and tolerance for it come from?

    Aggressive driving is not just speeding - in fact, this concept should be understood as any action on the road that disturbs other road users and makes them feel uncomfortable. In addition, not only drivers can behave aggressively on the roads, but also public transport drivers, cyclists and even pedestrians. Such behavior is partly facilitated by regulatory framework and partly by society's tolerance.

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  • 17/11/2022
    Every tenth child was in danger or was injured in a traffic accident

    Every tenth child has had a chance to get into a traffic accident or come across a dangerous situation that seriously endangered him in traffic, according to a survey of parents conducted by the insurance company ERGO. In order to improve students' knowledge of road traffic rules and reduce the number of injured children, ERGO, in cooperation with "Safe Driving School", is launching an educational campaign "Mission: Safe Road to School".

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  • 15/11/2022
    The number of drivers who regularly take their car to a specialist for maintenance is decreasing

    40% of drivers admit that they monitor the technical condition of the car on their own, but more than half - 51% - regularly take the car to a knowledgeable and reliable specialist for maintenance and inspection. 24% state that they take care of the technical condition of their car on a daily basis, thinking about their driving style and habits, while 7% believe that a technical inspection by the Road Traffic Safety Directorate is enough to keep the car in order, according to the "Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index" data.

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  • 11/11/2022
    What are the main criteria that should be taken into account when choosing winter tires?

    Four palm-sized squares are all that keep the car on the road. These are the four tire contact points. The more effective these grip points are, the safer it will be to drive the car. This applies to all seasons, especially autumn, winter and spring.

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