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  • 16/09/2022
    5 tips to avoid a traffic accident

    Daily traffic is very variable, it is affected by many factors, - day of the week, time of the clock, weather, driving culture, technical condition of the car, etc. The ability to act and respond accordingly to various external factors is of great importance.

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  • 30/08/2022
    To make the way to school safe

    As September approaches and when planning children's schooling, the insurance company ERGO together with the director of "Drošas Braukšanas Skolas" (DBS) Jānis Vankas reminds us what should be taken into account so that the way to school is safe and the child is protected.

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  • 25/08/2022
    Why is August the "black" month for road safety?

    Head of safe driving school Jānis Vanks:

    For several years in a row, August is one of the "blackest" months on Latvian roads. Statistics show that last year in August, the most people died in road traffic accidents – 20 people. August also ranks among the "blackest" months in terms of the number of road traffic accidents with victims. Why exactly July and high have turned out to be the most dangerous months and what do drivers themselves "blame" for accidents?

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  • 19/08/2022
    35% of drivers talk on the phone while driving, almost as many drink coffee

    More than a third (35%) of drivers tend to talk on the phone while driving without using the hands-free system, almost as many (34%) drink coffee, and 24% admit that they also tend to eat while driving, according to the "Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index" data. The study confirms that 7% of drivers tend to write messages on the phone while driving, while 2% read news or research news on social networks. 43% stated that they do not tend to do other things while driving.

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