About Us

The Safe Driving School (DBS) is the first school in Latvia which professionally and practically teaches drivers the principles of safe driving. DBS students learn how to avoid accidents, protect themselves and others from injury, prevent material losses and feel safer on the road. In addition to safety aspects, driving courtesy, fuel economy and vehicle care is also taught. DBS courses are relevant for both beginners and experienced drivers. They are aimed at both private persons and professional drivers.

European practice shows that safe driving training pays a significant role in improving overall road safety.

DBS is the first school of its type in Latvia, and has been established in conjunction with safe driving experts from the Swedish company Swedish Active Driving. DBS aims to be the leading safe driving school in the Baltic countries.

The school was established by Artūrs Priednieks, who has been teaching safe driving in Latvia since 2000. Artūrs’ laid the groundwork for his professional skills while working at the US Embassy, he is a veteran motor sports competitor, and has trained at driving schools in a number of European countries.

DBS allows experienced drivers to gain extra knowledge and thus reduce their risk of getting into critical situations on the road.

DBS is primarily oriented toward companies whose employees are behind the wheel every day. Safe driving training can help reduce risks (including financial risks) for such employees and firms. The DBS training programme can be considered to be a form of work equipment safety training for drivers. This is a financially sensible investment for companies – the training programme reduces risks to both employees and material assets, and in the near future DBS graduates will enjoy lower insurance premiums.

Private persons also use the DBS programme to improve their safety on the road. Some companies utilize this training for corporate team building, combining fun with a useful activity.