Let’s drive safely and skillfully!

The Safe Driving School (DBS) is the first school in Latvia that professionally and practically teach drivers the principals of safe driving. DBS students learn how to avoid accidents, protect themselves and others from injury, prevent material losses and feel safer on the road. In addition to safety aspects, driving courtesy, fuel economy and vehicle care is also taught. Drivers gain knowledge and skills to an extent currently unavailable at other driving schools in Latvia.

DBS was established to improve road safety in Latvia. The idea for the school came about from the everyday contact with the situation on Latvia’s roads, assessing road accident statistics and taking into account the experience of other countries. European practice shows that safe driving training pays a significant role in improving road safety.

DBS courses are relevant for both beginners and experienced drivers. They are aimed at both private per-sons and professional drivers. Special training programs for various types of road users allow experienced drivers to gain extra knowledge and reduce their risk of getting into critical situations on the road. For com-panies whose employees are behind the wheel every day, safe driving training is a good investment in the company’s development since it reduces the risk of accidents, injury to employees and vehicle repair costs.