35% of drivers talk on the phone while driving, almost as many drink coffee

More than a third (35%) of drivers tend to talk on the phone while driving without using the hands-free system, almost as many (34%) drink coffee, and 24% admit that they also tend to eat while driving, according to the "Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index" data. The study confirms that 7% of drivers tend to write messages on the phone while driving, while 2% read news or research news on social networks. 43% stated that they do not tend to do other things while driving.

Comparing the results of the study with the data of 2021, it is possible to conclude that the number of drivers who talk on the phone while driving has increased by 2%, the number of drivers who drink coffee has increased by 7%, and the number of drivers who eat while driving has increased by 7% , increased by 4%.

"It should not be considered that doing various side things behind the wheel is less risky than, for example, drinking alcohol. It is also dangerous to be distracted when using the phone, eating or drinking while driving a car. In every case, it is necessary to evaluate the risks and priorities and, if necessary, stop on the side of the road to eat or talk on the phone," advises Jānis Vanks, director of the Safe Driving School.

The responses of the drivers show that men are more often involved in side matters behind the wheel. 41% of men talk on the phone while driving, while 29% of women practice this habit. Also, men (35%) tend to drink coffee more often than women (32%) while driving. The situation is similar with eating while driving - 27% of men and 21% of women do it.

Jānis Vanks explains: "Driving a car requires undivided attention, but side activities distract attention and reduce concentration. Traffic is unpredictable and any side activity - eating, drinking coffee, smoking or even worse - using a mobile phone while driving can lead to dangerous situations and serious consequences. Drivers often use the phone not only to receive calls, which can be done using the hands-free system, but also to record various events on the road - taking photos, filming and posting this information on social networks."

"Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index" is a study of the non-alcoholic beer "Carlsberg 0.0" made in cooperation with the Safe Driving School and Research Center Norstat. 1,000 Latvian residents aged 18 to 74 participated in the study, which was conducted in April. Within the survey, respondents could choose several answer options. The study was conducted with the aim of promoting responsible driving and understanding of what creates additional risks on the roads and how to prevent them.