5 tips to avoid a traffic accident

Daily traffic is very variable, it is affected by many factors, - day of the week, time of the clock, weather, driving culture, technical condition of the car, etc. The ability to act and respond accordingly to various external factors is of great importance.

The statistics of road traffic accidents in Latvia are "black", this is shown by the statistical data of CSDD. Already this year, up to September 11, the statistics add up to 77 deaths.

To protect yourself and other road users, we provide 5 tips to avoid road traffic accidents.

1. Maximum concentration should be on the road
Nearby things such as eating, drinking, smoking and using a mobile phone distract attention from the road and significantly reduce reaction time, which is a danger to public traffic. In previously published articles, DBS' cooperation partner "Carlsberg 0.0 responsible driving index" has conducted statistical studies where 35% of drivers admit that they talk on the phone while driving and almost as many drink coffee. The driver of the car must evaluate the risks, priorities and, if necessary, stop if it is necessary to do other things, for example, to eat or make a phone call. And only then should you continue your journey, concentrating and devoting all your attention to the route to be followed.

2. You must always follow road traffic rules, signs, including horizontal markings
Each road user should be aware of his role in the overall road traffic. Adherence to the relevant rules ensures and creates respect among all road users. Drivers, in most cases, follow the road signs, but forget to follow the horizontal road markings. Horizontal markings (lines, arrows, symbols and other signs on the road) have the same legal force as any road sign according to road traffic regulations.

3. Extreme braking is used in dangerous situations
In order to avoid traffic accidents, if you need to reduce your driving speed sharply, you should not be afraid to press the brake pedal sharply and strongly. Even if a collision cannot be avoided, braking ensures a collision at a lower speed, which can often save the life of someone involved in the accident.

4. The vehicle must be in good technical condition
Accidents often occur precisely because of the poor technical condition of the vehicle. Every driver should be sure of his car, that the tires are suitable for the season with sufficient tread depth, the brake system is in working order, the car lights are clean and properly adjusted, etc.

5. You should not be afraid to report aggressive and inappropriate road users to the police
Drivers who drive aggressively and inappropriately endanger not only themselves, but also other road users, but mostly such drivers are not even aware of their actions and the risk they pose. Record the incident and report it to the police, so we can promote a culture of responsible driving.

Safe movement means not only knowing and following the traffic rules, but also responsible and respectful attitude towards each other. Only by being tolerant, careful and predictable drivers together do we create safe and responsible traffic!