Christmas gifts for family and friends. How to choose the right one?

During the Christmas season, we want to spend time with important people and please everyone with a suitable gift from the bottom of our hearts. The modern rhythm also encourages people to make more thoughtful purchases, and therefore more thoughtful gifts. When choosing appropriate gifts, it is important to keep in mind the relevance of the gift, its usefulness and the emotional value you want to give to the recipient.

Gift card - impersonal or practical?

Gift cards do not necessarily indicate a lack of imagination or an impersonal gift. It's often the smartest choice, as a gift card can prove to be more practical than any highly personalized mug or t-shirt. What are the benefits of a gift card?

  • You can fit within a certain budget. Gift cards are suitable for almost any budget - they can be purchased for one specific amount, so you can be sure that you will not spend a cent more or less.
  • The recipient receives the gift now and immediately. Gift cards can be received within minutes. This will save you the worry of delivering the gift, as well as saving you time and energy walking from one store to another.
  • Often, a gift card serves as a good push to do things that you would otherwise never get around to because of a lack of time, entrepreneurship or funds.

Safe Driving School gift card

In this difficult time, when there is so little time, but the holidays are just around the corner, we worry about how to please our loved ones. However, it may be worth looking at gifting habits from a different perspective. What if we thought more about it, not what is better to give, but how to show our love and care better?

Safe Driving School offers – to show care, give something truly valuable, for example a gift card that provides one of the DBS services:

Winter driving course

With the arrival of winter, the driver's responsibility for himself as a safe driver on the road increases. You will agree - security is neither expensive nor cheap - it is simply priceless. That is why the Safe Driving School has provided a useful and valuable gift - a safe driving winter course. In three hours, it will be possible to learn to control the vehicle, verify existing driving skills and learn new ones.

Category B theory course

If women think that finding a gift for a man is an impossible mission, then men, on the other hand, think the opposite. Here's a solution for both! The category B theory course is a great gift for anyone who does not yet have a category B driver's license - an original gift for both men and women. DBS Driving School is different in that it puts a deeper emphasis on the fact that the future driver also learns the basics of Safe and Economical driving.

Driving skills refresher course

A friend or family member has a driver's license but hasn't gotten behind the wheel in a long time? Not feeling safe? It is impossible to give health as a gift, but it is possible to protect it! This course will help you refresh / strengthen your driving skills in public traffic and regain psychological confidence in your abilities.

DBS gift cards can be purchased for specific amounts, while the recipient can use the gift card for any service that is most relevant to them. Buy a gift card conveniently in the DBS online store HERE!

A truly valuable gift doesn't need much - just keep in mind the emotional value you want to give to the recipient. It is important to remember that not only the gift itself is important, but also the way of presentation and the wish.