Currently, the most in demand fuel is diesel, but what is the vision for the future?

Each type of fuel has its own advantages and disadvantages, so each car owner has their own reasons for choosing a particular fuel. For one, the cost of maintaining a car or reducing natural pollution is important, for another, fuel economy. Thus, when choosing a new vehicle, each person evaluates the type of fuel as one of the selection criteria.

What is the most demanded type of fuel in Latvia, what is the future vision of DUS Circle K in relation to fuel, their supply and what criteria do car owners make a decision in favor of a particular type of fuel, read more about it. We also conducted a survey among the followers of the Safe Driving School social networks.

The most important criteria for choosing fuel, which car owners consider when buying a new vehicle, is the price of fuel, it is acknowledged by 33% of respondents, and driving habits, it is acknowledged by 31% of respondents. 25% of respondents have a significant factor in the cost of the car itself and its maintenance, and 11% of respondents think about reducing natural pollution.

Advantages and disadvantages of the most popular fuel types:

Diesel is suitable for those who have to travel longer distances. Diesel consumes less at a steady pace, but is more expensive to maintain and purchase.

Gasoline is cheaper for those who live in the city and do not have to cover long distances. Fuel consumption for this type is higher, but petrol is not affected by air temperature and there is no problem starting the car during the winter months.

LPG - liquefied petroleum gas is still the cheapest type of fuel due to its price, but consumption is much higher than gasoline. As the price of gas potentially increases, the financial rationale for using car gas will decrease. In addition, this equipment must be specially installed and the approximate installation cost is 1200eur, which pays off in only 5 years on average.

The electric car does not pollute the environment with exhaust gases, as well as with noise. Electric cars have low operating costs, but the availability of charging points must be taken into account, so the route must be planned more carefully. Although the electric car is still considered to be a financially disadvantageous solution, due to higher car purchase prices and charging infrastructure, it is clear that these trends are changing extremely rapidly.

According to the DBS social network survey, the most in-demand fuel is diesel, which is currently used by 58% of DBS's followers. This is also acknowledged by the statistical data of the Circle K petrol station of the DBS cooperation partner: engine. "

Speaking about the future vision for fuels, DUS Circle K acknowledges: "Global fuel trends are clearly focused on sustainable fuel solutions - a gradual shift from fossil fuels to electric charging and other environmentally friendly fuels."

"Drivers' interest in more environmentally friendly driving is growing relatively slowly, but also in the local market, and we are increasingly seeing electric vehicles on the streets."

"Taking care of our customers' needs and sustainable solutions to reduce emissions, we at Circle K are also taking steps to give customers the opportunity to move greener. We have already installed the first electric charging stations in the gas station network, and a more environmentally friendly HVO biocomponent is added to milesPLUS diesel. ”

Circle K DUS comments on the benefits of its fuel offering: “Miles and milesPLUS meet European Union quality standards (EN590 for diesel and EN228 for petrol) recommended by the world's leading car manufacturers. In comparison, the requirements of Latvian legislation regarding fuel quality are lower - the current regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers stipulate only the minimum environmental and ecological requirements. ”

"Another thing that makes miles and milesPLUS fuel the best choice for your car is the added fuel additives. They take care of the car's engine life and performance, reduce fuel consumption and reduce emissions. ”

What is the fuel choice of the Safe Driving School fleet - comments DBS director Jānis Vanks:

"DBS has been cooperating with Circle K for the last 15 years and uses only Circle K fuel - both diesel and petrol. We are very satisfied with both the quality of the fuel and the cooperation. The network of petrol stations is very convenient, you can always not only refill the car, but also buy the necessary goods for car maintenance and "refill" the instructors themselves. When thinking about the vision of the future, we definitely consider adding an electric car to our fleet. ”

Let the road be safe!