Driving habits of Latvian drivers in winter

This year, winter in its full glory has surprised quite rapidly. There has been a lot of snow and thaw. Consequently, the road surface in the territory of Latvia has been changing every day. The choice of tires is of great importance in such circumstances.

How has this period gone for drivers and are they happy with their choice of tires? To find out, we conducted a survey among the followers of the Safe Driving School:

With the onset of winter, 92% of respondents admit that their cars were timely and properly prepared for the winter season.
75% of respondents were ready for the first snow and feel confident as drivers on a snowy road, but 25% of respondents were surprised by the unpreparedness of the winter.
DBS Winter Driving Course is a valuable experience of safe driving in the winter season and 16% of respondents have used such a course.
The road surface is very variable during the winter and driving is sometimes a very stressful process, 78% of respondents also admit it, because they have already experienced a car slip during this winter.
The results of the survey show that everyday driving is carried out on various roads, which are both the urban environment and the highway, as well as minor gravel roads, so one of the main factors that ensures safe driving in winter is the appropriate choice of tires. 49% of the respondents admit that they know which winter tires are the most suitable for their car, 43% of the respondents consult specialists about the choice of winter tires and 8% admit that they do not know which winter tires to drive at all. Most of which are 90% of respondents this year's winter tire choice is not disappointing and are satisfied with their choice of tires. And given this winter conditions, a large proportion of respondents, 73%, admit that this winter I feel safer on the road with studded soft winter tires.

Jānis Vanks, the director of the Safe Driving School, comments on who should pay attention to a safe road in winter conditions: “This year we had to adapt quickly to winter driving conditions. The first thing to consider in winter conditions is to get up earlier to properly prepare the car for the road - clearing the car from the snow, defrosting the windows, because good visibility is a key factor for safe driving. The second is to give more time not only to yourself but also to other road users. The minutes missed in the morning are difficult to recover in winter traffic, as traffic is much slower and the road surface is unpredictable. ”

“The most important thing when driving on ice or dirty sections of the road is to keep the speed and distance so that you can control the car in the event of a slip. The so-called "black ice" is especially dangerous and is mainly formed in the early hours of the morning and at night. In winter, you have to drive with the idea that a slippery stretch of road can be anywhere. It's also important to clear your car of snow completely - even from the roof - before you start moving, because falling pieces of ice and snow from the car in front are dangerous for the people behind you ".

Kumho Tyre, a partner of the Safe Driving School, points out that the right choice of winter tires is the key to feeling safe on the road in winter. Kumho Tyre comments on which winter tires are suitable for driving conditions in Latvia:

"Latvia has always been more dependent on Nordic weather conditions and strong winters with a lot of frost and snow have been commonplace with us, but trends in the tire market in recent years have shown warmer winters as the studded tire market has shrunk and harder or European-type winters have increased. tire users. Also, Latvia has always respected all-season tires, which will not be recommended by tire or safe driving experts. The old saying that what is valid for everything is not valid for anything should also apply to all-season winter tires. ”

"The right answer to the question of which winter tires to choose will always be one - the ones that suit your driving habits and skills. Although Kumho Tire is a tire manufacturer with high quality standards and performance, it will not be possible to reach its full potential by choosing the wrong tire model and type. Factors to consider when choosing a tire model include your daily route, driving skills and car model. By finding out these factors, a tire expert will be able to recommend the most suitable tire type and model for you. ”

The winter season has just begun, drive responsibly, follow speed limits, keep a greater distance with other vehicles, respect other drivers and give yourself and others more time! Have a safe winter trip!