How to replace a damaged tire manually on the road and what is the significance of the spare wheel?

Every year, the spring newsletter for motorists is POTHOLES! When the snow falls, the condition of Latvian roads is not at all satisfactory. It is not possible to determine the depth of the pothole while driving, so often entering the pothole results in a flat tire, in severe cases even with a damaged tire disc, as well as severe damage to the car's running gear.

In this article, we will look at what to do if a car wheel collision in a pothole results in a flat tire and what traffic rules must be followed when changing the car's wheel if the vehicle has to be stopped in an unauthorized place. We also conducted a survey among the followers of the Safe Driving School social networks on whether motorists are ready for a situation if a car tire had to be changed on the road.

The car's handling is deteriorating rapidly, with a hollow sound in the passenger compartment - these are the first signals of a faulty tire. Jānis Vanks, the director of the Safe Driving School, comments on the road traffic rules that must be observed in a situation where the car must be stopped on the road and a tire must be changed:

"The first thing you definitely need to do is stop the car in the safest place possible. The second - to take care of yourself and traffic safety - to turn on the hazard warning light and display an emergency triangle (in a populated area not less than 15 m from the vehicle, outside populated areas not less than 100 m from the vehicle). Third, the reflective vest must be visible and worn around the car more safely. This is especially important in the dark. "

'The spare wheel is only a temporary solution and the spare wheel indicates the maximum speed at which it is permitted to drive. It should be noted that the spare wheel may differ from other car tires, both in tread pattern and size, so special care must be taken to resolve this issue as soon as possible. ”

According to the survey data, the situation with a flat tire on the road is not unfamiliar to Latvian drivers, 69% of the respondents admit it.

67% of respondents admit that their car has everything you need to successfully replace a car tire on your own.

So what should be kept in the car to have everything you need when you have to change a damaged car tire manually on the road:

spare wheel;
car wheel lock;
wheel locking wedge;
emergency triangle;
reflective vest;

The representative of Kumho Tire in Latvia comments more about how to independently replace a damaged tire with a spare wheel:

"It simply came to our notice then. Both for warning of traffic as an obstacle on the road and as a suitable place to carry out the wheel change process. The car must be parked on a level surface and preferably on a hard road surface. The car must be secured using the parking brake by placing the gear selector in the gear and placing a special wheel-locking wedge under a tire, failing which stones, pieces of wood, etc. may be used. '

'Defective tire replacement process:

If the car has a decorative disc - remove it.
Use a wrench to slightly loosen each screw counterclockwise.
Place the jack under the car frame (the exact location can be found in the car's owner's manual). Turn the jack clockwise until the damaged tire rises about 15 cm from the ground.
Unscrew the wheel nuts completely.
Remove the damaged tire.
Replace the spare tire on the wheel bolts and tighten the nuts slightly.
Lower the car off the jack and tighten the wheel nuts completely. ”

"The spare wheel is not designed for long journeys and long distances, so the original tire must be replaced as soon as possible."

"Today, there are other solutions, such as tire repair foam, which prevent air leakage if the hole diameter is up to 5 mm, but this permanently damages both the original tire and the disc. Therefore, keeping a spare wheel in your car is definitely a cheaper solution, as a damaged original tire can be repaired and then used. ”

"The spare wheel should be checked periodically for sufficient air pressure and damage to keep it in working order when needed."

If your vehicle does not have a spare wheel or other repair for a damaged tire to continue to the nearest workshop, seek help and call one of the car's emergency services.

Be prepared for different life situations! Let the road be safe!