The Winter Driving Course training season has started!

Thanks to the weather conditions and a sufficient amount of snow, we will start the Winter Driving Course training on the Biķernieki track on December 3! Also this year, the training will be organized in "Contactless mode", using walkie-talkies to communicate with the cadets.

All gift card holders are invited to apply in advance.

The next scheduled lessons can be viewed in the Safe Driving section "Winter Driving Course"

Please follow the DBS social networking accounts for more information.

Non-contact Winter Driving Course is a Three-hour practical training course that emphasizes the problem situations characteristic of winter driving (skidding, braking) and specific differences from the optimal driving technique in other seasons.

-Get a sense of security when driving in snowy and slippery weather
-Learn to regain traction after slipping the front and rear axles
-Learn about the maneuverability of your car at different speeds
-Improve your driving skills under the supervision of certified instructors

Venue: Bikernieki racetrack

The training takes place in a private car and is conducted by Safe Driving School Instructors using walkie-talkies to communicate with the cadets.

More info available HERE