More than a third of drivers do not update their knowledge of road traffic rules

34% of drivers admit that they do not tend to update their knowledge and skills about road traffic rules, 35% say that they follow CSDD news about changes in road traffic rules, 22% use various online tests and other free solutions, 3% admit that they attend driving classes, such as Safe Driving School, but 14% do not think they should refresh their knowledge, according to the data of the "Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index".

Compared to the previous year, the number of drivers who believe that it is not necessary to refresh their knowledge has significantly decreased - last year almost a third or 28% of drivers gave this answer. The number of drivers who refresh their knowledge with online tests has remained unchanged - 22%, but if last year it was more often done by women (23%), then this year men (26%).

"Every driver should make sure of his knowledge and refresh it. Road traffic rules are updated periodically, so before getting behind the wheel of a car, for example after a long break, it would be good to make sure that you are aware of the current changes. This is very relevant not only when winter is approaching, when some drivers encounter driving in winter conditions for the first time or after a long break, but also in other seasons," says Jānis Vanks, director of the Safe Driving School.

Drivers aged 40 to 49 (45%) believe that knowledge does not need to be updated more often, while drivers aged 50 to 59 (39%) most often follow CSDD news about changes in road traffic regulations. Interestingly, various online tests and other free solutions are most often used by drivers aged 60-74 (31%) and 50-59 (25%). This age group was active in updating their knowledge last year as well.

"Additional driving lessons - both in extreme situations and in winter conditions, etc. - would be necessary for everyone. Driving can become routine, so it is necessary to have an outsider assess your driving skills. In general, the situation in this area is improving and more and more drivers are also thinking that driving a car is a responsible process," adds J. Vanks.

"Carlsberg 0.0 Responsible Driving Index" is a study of the non-alcoholic beer "Carlsberg 0.0" made in cooperation with the Safe Driving School and Research Center Norstat. 1,000 Latvian residents aged 18 to 74 participated in the study, which was conducted in September 2022. The study was conducted with the aim of promoting responsible driving and understanding of what creates additional risks on the roads and how to prevent them.