Most drivers are not sure about their parking skills.

Every journey starts and ends in a parking lot, so skillful parking is the equivalent of driving. In this article we will find out what laws must be observed in parking lots, what are the possibilities to improve, refresh and gain new knowledge about parking a car in difficult conditions. We also conducted a survey among the followers of the Safe Driving School social networks about the ability to park a car.

According to the survey, 88% of respondents admit that they are annoyed in the parking lot of a wrongly parked car. It may be a shame on the part of a driver, but it is possible that the driver simply does not know how to park the car.

Not all cars are equipped with modern technology, 55% of respondents admit that their cars are not equipped with parking assistance systems. Therefore, in such cases, parking the car is up to the driver himself, relying on his skills and knowledge.
34% of the surveyed drivers do not have any problems with parking, but still the majority, 66% of the surveyed respondents admit that they have deliberately not used a free parking space because they are not sure about their skills to park the car properly.

Some deliberately choose to avoid parallel parking on the side of the road, which is acknowledged by 47% of respondents, those who have trouble accurately reversing their car in reverse, this is acknowledged by 19% of respondents.

There are also traffic regulations in the parking lots, which must be taken into account when parking the car, comments the director of the Safe Driving School Jānis Vanks:

"Parking spaces are different, the first thing you should definitely do is evaluate the width of the free space and the parameters of your car. It is important to think about whether the door can be opened wide enough so as not to break the car next door, as well as not to fall victim to it yourself. The horizontal markings must be observed, it is important to park the car between the lines without running over them. If everyone places the car exactly on the lines, there will also be less chance of unpleasant situations and inspected cars. ”

"The second important factor is compliance with road traffic regulations. Be sure to keep in mind that parking lots are subject to the same traffic regulations as speed limits, signs and other instructions. It must not be forgotten that in many places the "law of the right hand" applies when there are intersections of the same meaning. "

In big cities, traffic is heavier and drivers tend to be more intolerant of unsafe drivers who, for example, try to park their vehicle in the only free parking space, hindering overall traffic. Such situations are stressful, hurry and can result in inspecting the car. But in order to reduce such unpleasant situations on a daily basis, every driver is invited to apply to the "Parko School", where they can improve, refresh their existing knowledge and acquire new tricks for parking in difficult conditions free of charge.

Parko Skola is a social project jointly organized by the parking operator EuroPark, the insurance company ERGO and the Safe Driving School (DBS) where each Parko School participant receives an individual, half-hour FREE lesson with a DBS Driving School instructor in one of the Euro Park Parking spaces using your own car.

A representative of the parking operator "Euro Park" comments about "Parko School":

The response to Parko School is very high. After the classes, the participants are very grateful for the opportunity to restore a little forgotten knowledge for free. ”
“Parko School is recommended for every driver, regardless of seniority, because even an experienced driver can learn some tips on how to park a vehicle even easier and more conveniently. "Parko Skola" will definitely help those drivers who have not used a car for some time, as it is best to refresh their knowledge with the help of professional instructors. "

“Please follow the planned lesson dates on the EuroPark website and use this opportunity! Classes are held on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00 in one of the EuroPark car parks. The next dates of the classes are February 26, March 12 and 26. ”

Take the opportunity and improve your knowledge, become a more knowledgeable and safer driver!