Obtaining a driver's license in 2022 at DBS Driving School

To get a driver's license, the first decision to make is to choose a driving school. Getting acquainted with the offer can be easily confusing at first - the costs of driving school training vary. Whatever the cost, it is always important to be aware of what you are getting for your money.

The Safe Driving School takes care not only to prepare you for a driving license, but also to drive safely and skillfully in a variety of situations - and this practical part begins with theoretical knowledge!

What are the costs to be reckoned with at the Safe Driving School, how long it takes to obtain a driving license, how the training process is going on and what is required to enter DBS Driving School are some of the most frequently asked questions.

We've summarized and answered these frequently asked questions:

  • How long does theoretical training take?
    The training lasts 5-6 weeks. Within the theory course, 11 modules must be taken (2 lessons per week).
    Intensive courses are organized 3 lessons per week.
  • What is the minimum number of driving lessons?
    The minimum number of trips is 20 academic hours, or 10 90 minutes. However, if you have no experience driving a car, this number will definitely not be enough.
  • What are the necessary documents to enter the DBS driving school?
    You must be at least 16 years old to start driving school and need a valid passport or ID card.
  • Do I have to come in person to join?
    No, you do not have to come to DBS driving school, everything can be done remotely. The contract is also signed remotely using an e-signature, if any. If there is no e-signature, the contract can be sent via postal services.
  • How is theory training going now?
    Theory training takes place online until March 15, using the google meet platform. The cadets are at home, but the teacher leads the lesson from the DBS office.

IMPORTANT! Starting from March 15, 2022, all initiated groups of theories will take place in person.

  • How are the practical classes?
    One driving lesson takes 90 minutes. (2 academic hours) Driving lessons can be organized from Kalnciems quarter or Origo underground parking lot. We offer to learn both driving with a manual and automatic transmission.
  • How long is one theory lesson?
    One theory lesson lasts 4 hours (you agree with the teacher about the breaks and their length during the lecture), while one driving lesson lasts 90 minutes (2 academic hours).
  • How do first aid courses work? Do they take place in person?
    PMP courses take place over two days - the theoretical part is online for 4 hours, while the practical part (exam) must be taken in person, with prior agreement with the teacher.
  • How much do first aid courses cost?
    First aid courses cost 75 euros.
  • How much does one practical driving lesson cost?
    The price of one academic hour is 24 euros. One lesson takes 2 academic hours, so the price of one practical lesson is 48 euros (90 minutes).
  • Are CSDD queues? And how long do I have to wait for the exams?
    Currently, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate has to wait for about 2-3 weeks for the driving test, but you can follow the schedule, because often places become vacant and you can get to the test faster. There are practically no queues for CSDD theory exams.
  • In general, within a year, how fast can a driver's license be obtained?
    The minimum time to obtain a driving license is usually around 3 months.
  • What is the amount of money to obtain a driving license?
    Theory course + design and registration of documents in the CSDD group = 215 euros.
    Price of one trip (2 academic hours, 90min) = 48 euros. The minimum number of trips is 20 academic hours, or 10 trips of 90 minutes. But it should be taken into account that the required number of classes for each cadet is different and for most future drivers with a minimum number of classes is far too little.
    Additional costs - 35 euros per med. the commission required to obtain a training permit (white rights). If you already have white rights, these costs will be waived.
    The first med. assistance courses. If you choose to take them to DBS, the service costs 75 euros, but you can also take these courses anywhere outside the driving school. The main thing when going to the CSDD theory exam - the courses should be passed.

DBS Driving School takes full responsibility for the training and makes sure that it is always delivered in the highest quality, so you will meet only the best teachers with us. We provide an individual approach to each student and adapt the training to the skill level of each student also in online classes.

And in a practical driving lesson, you can be sure that our instructors will always be tolerant, show respect and never raise their voices against their students. At DBS Driving School, all costs are known from the beginning, payment for training is made by bank transfer and full transparency of payments is ensured.

If you have decided to apply to the Driving School, all you have to do is:
1. Go to www.dbs.lv;
2. Choose the category you want;
3. Click "Apply";
4. Fill in the application;
5. Start training according to a pre-arranged schedule.

See you during the training process! Your DBS.