What is the attitude of road users towards those who learn to drive?

You can't learn to drive a car in one day, because it includes many nuances that only become a habit over time. But until then, there is a good way to go. Every driver has been in the first stage when they sit next to an instructor for the first time and get their hands on the steering wheel, so every driver should think about their attitude towards young learners in traffic who have started training to drive a car.

In this article, we will look at the attitudes towards young road users. What DBS Driving School instructors recommend and what to expect other drivers when meeting a training car. What news will take effect from April 1 for category B exams and how it will affect other road users.

DBS Driving School instructors admit that the attitude towards students who learn to drive is different:

"Most leaders are understanding, some lose patience, and very few are seldom disgusted with 'students' (although this may not respect anyone)."

Instructors are convinced that the attitude towards the training car is influenced by the driver's personality:

"Positive and tolerant people are also in the traffic and those who are still studying, are tolerant and even kind - wait, let them change or leave, although they are aware that the new driver will be slower. But intolerance is not only bad for training cars, but also for traffic in general. ”

When driving and meeting a training car, other drivers must take into account that:

  • The learner can be in a variety of stages of training, so skills can be quite different;
  • Response time and decision-making often take much longer for prospective drivers;
  • You have to think about distance, because a training car can get stuck or brake unexpectedly fast.

It should be taken into account that from April 1 of this year, the figures or special maneuvers will have to be performed in road traffic in the examination for obtaining a driving license.

Therefore, the training stages in special maneuvers can be implemented in such a variety of places that the learner is able to fit into everyday traffic, so it is recommended that all road users be understanding!

DBS Driving School instructors recommend: “When driving in traffic with a training car, it is advisable to be patient and try to facilitate the student's maneuver, because often the student is afraid to make a decision precisely because the surrounding road users tend to become unpredictable due to lack of patience. Remember that those who study in the driving family are still "young" and be understanding! ”

Let's respect ourselves and others!
Let the road be safe!