Category B

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24 /45minIn-car Driving Lesson
75First-Aid Training Course*
40Certification from Medical Committee*


How do we differ?

  • Individual approach provided or each trainee
  • Professional instructors with extensive experience and positive attitude
  • In addition to B Category instruction – Safe driving (Defensive driving) and Fuel Effeciency (Economical) training
  • The tuition fee includes all necessary course materials

Latvia has 200 driving schools but only one has safety as its top priority.  That is ours. We aspire to prepare you as a driver who drives safely and is self-confident.  We acknowledge that the information and skills acquired at our school may be needed in dangerous traffic situations.  For that reason, it’s imperative that we know that our students receive the necessary training for safe driving.  The only way to be sure is to provide an individual approach.

Instruction at our school takes place in small groups. In this way, the instructor can follow along each trainee’s progress and accommodate the teaching process to suit the needs and abilities of each individual. And we are flexible – if, for some reason, plans change for scheduled lessons, we will find a way to reschedule the planned lesson at a later, more convenient, date without additional costs.

Attitude is that which makes DBS Driving School differ from the others – we are here for you, not vice versa.  For your safety.

Safety – starts with school.