DBS Driving School

Teorijas kursa apmācībaDBS is a driving school for personalities, and our main goal is to ensure that students not only pass the driving test and obtain their license, but also become genuinely confident and skilled drivers.






DBS Driving School offers training for all license categories:

Care for students

Our objective is to ensure that each and every student who has enrolled atDBSDrivingSchoolachieves their goal and obtains a driver’s license. This is ensured by constantly monitoring each student’s progress in learning theory and developing practical driving skills.

Theory courses are conducted in small groups, so the teacher is able to observe each student’s progress. We provide all necessary study materials – from traffic rules and quizzes to pens and notepads. If you have missed a session, you’ll agree on a time when the teacher will individually explain the missed subject or provide consultations in your problem areas.

The schedule of driving lessons is agreed with the instructor and is tailored to the student’s needs as much as possible.



The most valuable asset of DBS driving school is our professional and experienced instructors. Building up the necessary driving skills is a challenge to every new driver. The instructors ofDBSDrivingSchoolfind an individual approach to each student. They are friendly, easygoing, helpful, and never raise their voice.


Additional knowledge and skills

We believe an important aspect of driver education is to not only prepare the students for the driving test, but also to make sure that they obtain the necessary skills and confidence for daily driving.

In addition to the basic course,DBS Driving School offers courses in safe driving, fuel economy, and economical driving.


Social responsibility

Our social responsibility is manifested in the responsible way in which we conduct business, as well as in our mission – to promote safety on the Latvian roads. All prices at  DBS Driving School are inclusive of value-added tax (VAT), which is paid for all services provided by the school.


The courses take place in Kalnciema Kvartals – Kalnciema street 37.