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Currently all theory classes take place in person.


Theoretical course + driving

/  Theory

/  Driving lessons (4 x 45min)

/  Course materials

/  Driving lessons card

/  Preparation of documents

115,00 EUR

Category AM (mopeds)

Moped drivers are often inexperienced newcomers in traffic, who need special training.

  • Mopeds, scooters, small motorcycles
  • Engine capacity – up to 50 cm3, speed – up to 45 km/h
  • Can be driven from the age of 14

We help to prepare for category AM exams by providing additional training on:

  • road traffic regulations
  • road safety
  • technical characteristics of mopeds

We also provide training in driving mopeds and scooters:

  • fulfilment of compulsory figures of the exam
  • driving in road traffic

Category AM training include:

  • driving lessons (4 x 45 min)
  • theoretical course  (3 x 45min) on traffic safety issues.

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We use an individual approach to each student

We guarantee professional and positive attitude

We offer efficient driving lessons

We provide lessons with no hidden costs

DBS team

/  Professional instructors with extensive experience
/  Individual approach to each student

We ensure that you are prepared not only for receiving your driving licence, but also for safe and skilful driving in various situations, so you understand what is happening on the road and become a full road user who does not endanger himself and others.

DBS driving school

Practical lessons

What makes DBS driving school stand out?

/  DBS driving school takes full responsibility for the training and makes sure that it is provided always at the highest quality.

/  We provide an individual approach to each student and we adjust the training to the skill level of each student.

/  We make sure that you understand what is happening on the road and become a full road user.

/  Our instructors are tolerant, always respectful and never raise their voices at their students.

/  All our costs are known from the very beginning, payment for training is made by bank transfer.

Full transparency of payments is ensured.


Starting to learn to drive a car at the age of 50 is not an easy thing. And right now, I don’t have any regrets. Thanks to DBS driving school that I managed to pass everything on the first try, both theory and driving. It was a new surprise and a new discovery for me. It was important for me to choose a driving school that teaches me well so that on the road I don't cause problems for others. We are all together in an ensemble on the road and are responsible towards each other.

Normunds Šnē

Already the name Safe Driving School spoke to me and the expectations were justified. DBS driving school has a special approach – from the personnel, teachers and instructors. I had earned this special approach and received it here. I passed all exams on the first try. Driving instructor is a very good psychotherapist.

Rudīte Grasberga

I found out on the Internet that it is one of the best driving schools in Latvia and I thought I should give it a try. I am a very busy person and I had both school and training, and I found a suitable schedule in this driving school, which adapted to my needs and once a week taught the driving course. The teacher was able to find an individual approach until you finally understand everything. I recommend this driving school, as it is one of the best and most prestigious driving schools in Latvia. The results of the exam say it all – 100% of everything can be passed on the first try.

Uldis Tazāns