Safe driving training

A good driver is eager to learn regardless of his experience. We offer special courses for already experienced drivers and professionals who wish to improve their safe driving skills.

Together with the DBS instructor, do the most difficult routes for you or go to the figure area and refresh the elements that have been forgotten.

Practical training to improve driving skills in winter conditions – steering, braking, avoiding obstacles in natural slippery conditions. This course is focused on such winter issue as skidding.

Safe driving course in a special field on various surfaces to prepare for unexpected situations in slippery weather conditions.

Safe driving training for motorcyclists. Theoretical training (~1.5 h) and practical lessons (~3.5 h).

Theoretical and practical training to improve both technical knowledge and improve driving in various enduro elements.

1h lesson on the 333 auto track with your own car, where it is possible to acquire sporty driving skills with the Latvian champion in touring car racing.


For Covid-19 risk mitigation purposes, currently, all theoretical lessons take place remotely!

Private theory lesson

Individual lesson

1.5 h individual lesson to acquire or refresh theoretical knowledge, preparing for the RTSD exam. The topic of the lesson is the client's choice. The lessons take place at Kalnciema street 37.

For more information call 20 777 222

50,00 EUR / 90min

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